Diagnose Transmission Concern

You put your vehicle in gear, wait..then then vehicle starts to move, or better yet, your driving and the engine revs up when you or the transmission tries to shift. Sound familiar? You may need a clutch or a transmission.


If your vehicle has a manual transmission and you are having problems with slipping or changing gears, chances are you may need a new clutch or related component. It is always recommended that you bring your vehicle in as soon as you start having problems. Waiting may cause furthur damage and raise the cost of repairs because you have to purchase additional parts. We can inspect the operation of your clutch and offer solutions to fix the problem, meeting your needs and budget.


If your vehicle has an automatic transmission, we are not equipped to rebuild it, however we do offer several replacement options, such as Jasper Transmissions. Jasper Transmissions come with a 3 year 100,000 mile nation-wide warranty. They also find and fix OEM problems, making it a preferred choice over factory replacement. Our service advisors can answer questions, feel free to contact us.

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