Diagnose Steering and Suspension Concern

Does your steering wheel feel like it has a lot of play? Having trouble keeping the vehicle in the lane? Are your tires wearing unevenly? These are all symptoms of a steering or suspension problem. Did you know that the average cost of each 2/32nds of tire tread is around $80.00. With that in mind, it makes sense to have your vehicles steering and suspension inspected regularly.


Most steering problems an be attributed to worn parts such as tie rod ends ball joints and power steering pumps. However there are times when a problem involves other components such as a leaking or bad rack and pinion or steering gear box. Also, lets not forget about electronic steering. These problems require a little more troubleshooting to verify. If replacement is required, we use quality NAPA parts as our first choice.


Did you know that shocks and struts should be replaced every 50,000 miles? Most importantly, good shocks and struts can shorten the distance required for your vehicle to stop and improve fuel ecomomy. Shocks and struts may not show external signs of wear. They do not have to leak to be worn out. Think about all the roads you travel on, even if they are smooth, shocks and struts actuate millions of times in their effective life span. Coil springs are often overlooked as well. They help maintain ride height and stability and can effect steering. There are also several other parts, such as control arm bushings, that can have a big impact on steering, suspension components and tires.

No matter what the steering or suspension concern may be, we have a solution that will fit your needs and get you riding comfortably and safely again.

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